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We provide a comprehensive range of architectural services.

In the sometimes confusing world of building plans, contractors, and quantity surveying, we’ll guide you seamlessly through the building process. From first design to final handover, the UpStudio team will be on hand to assist you with any architectural services you may need. We are a registered member of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

House Plans

Renovations, repurposing, and even simple extensions all require house plans. No matter how big or small your building requirements are, we provide design and drafting services to produce professional house plans that are more likely to be approved.


In architecture, ideas become sketches and sketches evolve into 2D and 3D drawings full of technical details. As your new home comes to life on paper, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your home reflects who you are and the type of spaces you love to be in.


A great design is the ideal way to start a project, but you’ll need a top-notch contractor with the skills and experience to bring your design to life. By sourcing the best contractors for your project and budget, we help ensure a smooth process with no unpleasant surprises.


Architectural drafting is a crucial step in the building design process. By adding all the relevant details to your house plans, we help to ensure that your contractor can read and interpret them – and that means you’ll get the house you’ve been dreaming of – down to the smallest detail.

Building Plan Submissions

Submitting building plans to the local municipality for approving can seem like a daunting task – and that’s why UpStudio does all of that for you. Once your architectural plans have been designed and drafted, we submit them for approval on your behalf.

Architectural Design

We all dream of living in a space that makes us feel happy, safe, inspired and energised. At UpStudio, you’ll see your dream home come to life – first on paper and later in real life. Our designs harness creativity and expertise to produce the home you’ve always had in mind.

UpStudio Architects’

Additional Architectural Services

We do so much more than design our clients’ dream homes. We offer a full spectrum of architectural services to ensure your project gets completed successfully.

Architectural Consulting

Design is complicated, and UpStudio is here to cut through the confusion and give you the answers you need. We consult on all aspect of design, drafting, and construction – from the initial concept to the final stages of construction.

Interior Design

A breathtaking interior isn’t just for celebrity homes. UpStudios’s additional architectural services include interior designs that complement the exterior and interior finishes of your home, taking your everyday visual experience and comfort to the next level.


Your home wouldn’t be complete without a landscaped garden that brings the tranquility of nature to your doorstep – or even inside. Our architectural services include landscape designs that combine greenery, water, rock, and other natural materials to perfectly match the design of your building.

Feasibility Studies

Knowing what can and can’t be built – and at what price – is essential before you begin your journey to a custom-designed home. We carry out comprehensive feasibility studies that consider all the important factors that go into a design and construction project.

Project Management

Throughout the design and construction process, timing is everything. By supervising the construction of your building, we’ll ensure the project is carried out as agreed with your contractor. If there are any delays or unforeseen events, we’ll be on site to deal with them.

Concept Designs

Do you have a big idea in mind for your new home but you’re not sure how to make it a reality? That’s where our concept designs come in. Tell us your dream, and we will use our wealth of creativity and architectural know-how to bring it to life.

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