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The best way to find your dream home is to design it. With a design philosophy centered strongly on our clients' needs, UpStudio Architects is a South African architecture firm based in Gauteng that's committed to ethical architectural construction, business practices and making our clients’ dream homes a reality.

Architectural Services

What We Do

Here at UpStudio Architects we cater to your every architectural need.  Whether you’re adding a room, rethinking your entire living space or building your dream home, we will draft and design the plans you need to get your project done.

Our Services

Full-service Architecture Studio.

We'll manage your project from inception to completion by creating concept designs, sourcing contractors, doing authority submissions to get your building plans approved and we'll even manage the project on-site to ensure everything goes smoothly. We are based in Gauteng, South Africa and we are a registered member of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

Residential Architecture

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UpStudio Architects Pretoria

A Contemporary Architecture Firm.

“We shape our buildings and afterward, our buildings shape us.” –  Winston Churchill. We’re an architecture firm that believes in designing spaces that are conducive to their inhabitants’ productivity, wellbeing and happiness. We believe architecture should evoke excitement, happiness or peace.

Our Process

Architectural Process

At UpStudio Architects, we aim to create unique and timeless building designs. We believe that your vision blended with our creativity will yield amazing results.

Our architectural process has 6 stages where we work closely with you to craft the ideal place to live. So, if you’re looking to start a new building project, here’s a quick summary on how we go to work to get your project done successfully.

Stage 01 – Inception

After meeting with you and learning more about your project, vision and budget, we’ll send you a quote based on your unique needs.

Stage 02 – Concept and Viability

Every dream home begins with a concept design that can be brought to life within your budget. After accepting our quote and making deposit payment, we begin with the concept design.

Stage 03 – Design Development

This is the time when your dream and our design start to take shape. We consult with your chosen building contractor & engineer to produce a design that’s ready to be built.

Stage 04 – Documentation and Procurement

Before construction can begin, you’ll need house plans, building approval and a good contractor. We’ll handle all the details.

Stage 05 – Construction

From the first brick that’s laid to the final touches, we’ll supervise the construction of your home at every step of the process.

Stage 06 – Close Out

We’ll ensure that your home has all the relevant certificates before you take ownership and move in – with no loose ends.

Our Partners

UpStudio Architects’

Additional Services

Consulting – If it has anything to do with architecture and design, we’re here to advise you. We consult on all aspects of architectural projects.

Feasibility Studies – Before a project can go ahead, it needs to be doable. We conduct feasibility studies to ensure that homes are built within budget and according to regulations.

UpStudio Architects’

Design Services

Interior Design – A beautiful home needs a gorgeous interior. Our interior designs synergize perfectly with the architectural style of your home.

Landscape Design – The green spaces in and around your home are the backdrop for your life. Our landscape designs effortlessly combine nature and sophistication.

Main Architectural Services


House Plans

Whether you’re adding a room or rethinking your entire living space, we will draft and design the plans you need.


2D & 3D Drawings

It all starts with a plan. UpStudio’s 2D drawings, 3D illustrations, and 3D architectural renderings bring ideas to life.


Contractor Sourcing

Every great home or building was built by a really good contractor – we’ll help you source the best building contractors.



Details matter. Our architectural drafting is detailed, accurate and essential for every successful building project.


Authority Submissions

Permission to build? Granted. We liaise with the relevant municipal authorities to get your building plans approved.


Architectural Design

Our design process will create the ideal space to suit your unique architectural design requirements.

UpStudio Architects Pretoria

Our Team

Meet the UpStudio Architects team. Small enough to care, big enough to make a difference.

Architecture News

Our Blog

We often like to write and debate on matters concerning the architecture industry and then we like to put it in our blog over here.

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