Stage 01


This is where the magic of the architectural process all begins. When we meet you for the first time, we’ll take as much time as you need to understand exactly what your ideal home might look like. At the outset, we’ll discuss the site where your building will be constructed, and issues like business rights and building restrictions – if they apply.

Project inception is also the best time to discuss the project budget, your timeframe for completion, and what specialists we will need to consult to ensure a safe, successful construction. We are available to meet in person or on Skype to discuss your unique project and requirements.

Stage 02

Concept & Viability

Once we know what type of project you’d like us to design and manage, we’ll get to work creating an initial design that speaks to your vision.

When we present the initial design to you, we’ll also inform you about the space that will be needed for your building, the different professionals involved in planning and building your home, the materials and contractors we recommend, and the budget and timeframe that will work best.

At this stage of the architectural process, you’ll probably have loads of questions, and we would love to answer them – ask away!

Stage 03

Design Development

Once you’re happy with the design concept, we’ll start to go deeper. Design development is all about details – deciding what materials, structures, contractors and consultants to use on the project.

At this stage of the architectural process, we’ll also start working closely with the local authorities to make sure that the design is 100% compliant. As we work with consultants, we’ll create a system to coordinate our efforts and ensure that the project stays within budget.

Stage 04

Documentation & Procurement

Before we can start the construction process and bring your dream home to life, we’ll need to prepare all the necessary documents. These include detailed building plans, submissions to the local authorities, and agreements to be signed with consultants and contractors.

Once all the paperwork is in order, we’ll go through it with you in detail and get your approval. After that, we will select a contractor – with your approval – and construction can begin.

Stage 05


Once a contractor takes possession of the building site, we will be on hand to monitor the building progress and make sure that it’s in line with the contract and the building codes. We oversee the building work carried out by the contractor, inspecting the work on a regular basis.

Once the building is completed and meets our standards, we will issue a Certificate of Practical Completion and help you obtain an Occupation Certificate. Almost time to move in!

Stage 06

Close Out

Nobody likes loose ends – and we’ll make sure that your building project is completed smoothly and effortlessly. Once your building is completed, the contractor will hand over the site to us and we will issue all the necessary certificates. With the paperwork done, you will be able to step into your new building and start using it almost immediately.

UpStudio will be on hand to answer questions, provide detailed feedback and quickly deal with any concerns you may have throughout the architectural process.

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